Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lunch with a Friend

Laury wanted to take me to lunch before she left for her Germany work assignment and gave me three choices in three different towns: Figeac, St. Cirq Lapopie, and Cahors. I chose this one in Cahors, 'Au Fil des Douceurs.' I was intrigued that the restaurant was actually a boat docked on the Lot and that the food was reported to be excellent. I wasn't disappointed on either score. Our lunch was lovely! We arrived at noon last Saturday just as it opened and even though we didn't have a reservation, we were seated. Soon every table was taken! We shared a split of silky Cahors wine, munched on terrific food, and admired the view of ancient Cahors across the water.
A 2006 Triguedina...yummy good!
After an entree of onion and anchovy tartlette topped with a warm round of Rocamadour chevre, a plat of duck confit with cassoulet, we finished by splitting a cheese plate and a dessert....sauteed bananas with a caramel crunch crust and vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel. Need I tell you that we ate well?

This is a zoomed  view of the old city that we enjoyed across the river while we ate.

I finished our lunch adventure with one of my signature "I was there" shadow photos. This time it's entitled "We were there" That's Laury and me casting our shadows into the Lot from the Pont Cabessut.