Friday, March 11, 2011

Stony Faces

France is a country carved in stone. From its cobblestone streets to its dry stacked-stone walls; from its commemorative statues to its magnificent churches and cathedrals....stone is a defining element of the face of France. And I'm always intrigued and amused by the stony faces I find wherever I roam with my camera. Here in Cahors, I was delighted to find stony faces everywhere...
I think he's telling his friend to cheer up, purgatory is better than the other bad place!

You have to love a church 'face' with attitude!

From the sublime stone carved tympanum over the doors of St. Etienne....

to the water fountain in Place St. James where spices from all over the world were bought and sold...
stony faces look at the world from their ancient past.

Dog faces on the fountain...six in all.

This one looks a bit like Lucie. I think it's the ears.

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  1. I love the dog faces ... that last one is just too cute!