Friday, March 18, 2011

We Have Arrived

As I said to Laury in an email a few minutes's amazing what a woman, a backpack, a suitcase and a break in the weather can accomplish! We have arrived back at the Chatette to stay for the remainder of my time in France. Lucie is upstairs asleep on her blanket at the end of my bed; Dali is checking out the place to make sure everything is where it's supposed to be, and Sam is curled up in a bit of sunshine upstairs. We're all happy and content to be here. .
I brought a few flowers from Jean's to brighten up my table.

The weather has not been kind to Laury's beautiful plum tree. About half of its blossoms are gone and the lawn is sprinkled with snow-like tiny blooms. The bees aren't discouraged, though! They are buzzing all over the tree!
Spring is here, life is good, and we're back!

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