Monday, February 28, 2011

What I Haven't Missed....

My brother, Jim, who lives in Reno sent me these photos last weekend of the icicles hanging from the back of his house. Reading the internet news, I've seen all the reports of the miserable weather throughout the US this winter. Rain, snow, ice, blizzards, extreme cold. I have to say...extreme winter weather is something I haven't missed at all while I've been here in France. True, it's been cold. Right around Christmas there were several nights when the temperatures dipped into the teens. We had one measurable snow of less than an inch and another light dusting. There have been many days of rain, fog and mist. But nothing like I'm used to during winters in Iowa. When I first left California, I was anxious to live some place where the seasons changed. I've decided  I'm over that....if I live where the seasons change, I want them to change gently. Like they do here in the Lot!

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  1. Evelyn, you can be happy you chose this winter to be in France and not one of the last two. Last winter was particularly the Luberon, it was the worst in 33 years, in terms of snowfall and cold far this year, it has been enjoyable....particularly the sunshine. My brother lives not far from my Michigan home and the reports I get are grim, to say the least! Enjoy!