Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where Is Home?

I'm beginning to transition from Jean's house back down to the Chatette. I've been making a trip every day to feed Sam and to bring a few things in my backpack. I'm down to the last few things. If it stops raining, I will probably complete the move tomorrow or Friday. Home has moved from one side of the village back to the other; from le Chalet to la Chatette.

I've also begun the process for returning to the States in May. I've bought my ticket, round trip because I will come back to France the end of September. I've asked a friend to pick my weary-traveler self up at the Des Moines airport and arranged with my brother, Jim to keep my car and get me to the Reno airport in September for my return flight. All of this moving around has me pondering....where is home?

I'm pulled in many directions...Iowa, Montana, France, Cadrieu, Red Bell Farm, Gardiner, family, friends, old and familiar, new and adventurous. Which place should I call home? If home is where your heart is, can it be possible to have home in several different places? Maybe home isn't a place after all...maybe home is any place that you love and that loves you in return!


  1. Ah Evelyn! You've struck the cord and I love your definition. I can never quite bring myself to say, "home" when I speak of my place in Michigan. Instead, each time I want to use the word, "home", I add the phrase, "wherever that may be." After 7 years of spending equal time in France (if not more), I feel equally "at home"/chez moi in France or in Michigan.

  2. Home is where your heart is... And where you feel filled. Definately where love is.
    Wish you well with those preparations.

  3. Wow! Had no idea you were returning to France in the fall! For how long? Will you sell Red Bell Farm? Is France going to become a more permanent home?