Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back and Front: Part I--The-Back

As I sat on the terrace and nibbled a lunch of cheese, bread and sliced apples, a phrase ran through my mind that we used to repeat a lot in my family...'life doesn't get much better than this.' The sun was warm, so warm, in fact, that I moved my chair into the shade...who'd have thought in January that I would ever say that? I drank in the peace and soft quiet beyond the terrace wall. Sitting in my chair, I gazed to my left, picked up my camera and 'click.' Here are the limestone cliffs covered with scrub and blooming wild things that scent the air with sweetness. The birds love this place; I hear them squawking and trilling, squabbling and loving from before dawn to 'way after dark. And when the birds go to bed, the bats come out, swooping and snagging dinner on the wing. Laury will be happy to know that the butterflies are back, as well. I can see them flitting from flower to flower.

Looking straight ahead, Laury's barn and its tiny garden fill my camera's viewfinder.
And looking up, there's my neighbor, the Chateau, standing guard over the old village... protecting and claiming this piece of the river valley as its own.
Not too shabby for lunch time views, eh?

This is the back of the Chatette, then, solid and rooted, peaceful. It gives me a feeling of quiet stability. I feel enveloped in a sense of timelessness and of things unchanged for hundreds of years. As I think about this, I'm reminded that the other side of the Chatette tells quite a different story and has quite a different feel.
Come back tomorrow for Part 2...the front.

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