Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Day in Figeac

The reason for my trip to Figeac on Thursday was to pick up my photos for the vernissage chez Laury this August. As I got ready to walk to the bus stop to catch the 10am bus, the thought crossed my mind that the photos, while promised for today, might not be ready to pick up until afternoon. In one of my other lives as a flight nurse, we had a motto: if you think of something, that's probably a good sign that you should go with your gut and do it! However, I didn't listen to myself and sure enough, when I arrived at Le Cadre Bleu in Old Figeac, they weren't ready. "Return this afternoon, after lunch," she said, "we re-open at 2:30pm". Which meant that the next bus I could take home wouldn't be until 5:10pm. That's a whole day to pass in Figeac or make a whole other trip; I elected to stay in town. You already know that I ate a yummy lunch. I spent the rest of the time doing a walking loop of the historic architecture in the 9th century centre ville. The Office of Tourism had a map in English, and all I needed to do was follow the Keys to Figeac, numbered and pointing the way to some awesome old buildings. I took so many photos that I filled up my memory card long before I ran out of images! Which means, of course, another day in Figeac.

These are the two photos that were responsible for a long, hot day in town. They are printed on canvas and stretched over a wooden frame much like an oil painting.  I'm pleased with how they turned out. I hung them up on the wall of the cave to get a feel for how they'll look on the night of the vernissage. I won't be here to celebrate all the art, but, my photos will represent my spirit in the Lot these past few months.

This day could have been a real misadventure, but it turned out to be very enjoyable. As I sat on the terrace at La Cazelle sipping a beer while I waited for the bus, I reflected on all the beauty I had seen that day. Certainly worth being hot and sweaty and having just a couple of tiny blisters!

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