Friday, April 29, 2011


After the road crew finished Thursday afternoon, I decided to explore a bit and see what they had accomplished in the 'mystery' structure. I took this photo standing on the road from the same place as yesterday's photo. Looking down into the big, open area, you can see the ash left from the burn pile as well as the door. This area and the area beyond the top of the wall were piled high with cut branches and dead vines; they're all gone now! The stone work is beautiful. I'd say the walls are at least 10 feet high.
I walked down into the cleaned up area and took the above four photos. The arch supports the road where I was standing when I took the first photo. You can clearly see two separate shelf areas built into the enclosed arch. You can also see openings in the stone where water runs. When Laury and I were down here last fall, water was rushing thru all the low openings and the floor was a big pool of water. The arch isn't entirely closed in and thru an opening, I could see the village lavoir on the other side of the road. You can see from the various heights of the openings in the stone that there are times when this stone basin is deep in water. That water  flows into the lavoir from some of the openings in the stone; from others it flows alongside the lavoir. All is eventually directed via stone aquaducts under the main road and into the river. I've only just begun to explore; there's more to come. Right now, though, it's time to walk up to Jean's and watch the Royal wedding!

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