Sunday, April 3, 2011

How'd They Do That?

The Chateau looms ever-present over the Chatette. I see it every day. Not only do I wonder about its history over the past 7 centuries, I'm also intrigued with how it was built. How did they do that, anyway? Using 13th century 'technology,' how did they stack those stones to make its vertical protecting wall? How did they support the several stone stories of the structure? The Chatette, built about the same time, intrigues me as well with its 2-feet thick stone walls and its stone-chiseled medieval sink. How did people, using only hand tools and human strength, build these structures that have stalwartly stood for centuries?

I found some answers in this International Herald Tribune video. This looks like a place I should visit someday!


  1. Did you ever read Pilars of the Earth? It is about the building of the great buildings.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I haven't read that book, but will look for it!