Thursday, April 28, 2011

Keeping the Village Neat and Tidy

While I heard the buzzing early, it wasn't until I walked the dogs about 9am yesterday morning that I realized the 'boys' were at it again...keeping the village neat and tidy. For the second time this spring, they've been here cutting the grass along the village rues and in the public areas. This time they were clearing and burning some brush and branches as well. They were a crew of three, all decked out in reflective shocking green ( mandatory in France for all work along a roadside, even our tiny village roads. Motorists are required to carry it in their vehicles as well. You can be fined if the gendarme doesn't find a reflective vest or coat in your backseat!). They also wear a hard hat with a protective face shield, boots and heavy gloves. Must get really hot under all that gear! No wonder they start early in the day. BTW...8am is early in a French village! The French verb, debroussailler, means to clear, as in to clear terrain. The equipment they use is a d√©broussailleuse,and is like a weed-eater on steriods. It straps onto their bodies to make it easier to carry; I think they're pretty heavy

In front of Christiane's house and the Chateau
Along the hillside by the church
This man is burning brush cut last year. He's down in a large stone structure that nestles between the road and the foot of the Chateau. It's very large, taller than a man, circular-shaped with a door. At one time, it probably had a roof. It's a bit of a mystery. Jean thinks it was an icehouse for the Chateau. I think it's too big to be just that. Plus it has some stone openings that flow with water when it rains. I think it may have been part of a cistern system for the Chateau. Maybe once all the brush is cleared and burned, we can solve the mystery. Anyone out there who knows about medieval Templar strongholds, I'm open to suggestions!

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