Wednesday, April 6, 2011

La Cazelle

This is La Cazelle, and this post is dedicated to Laury. La Cazelle is her Figeac hang-out. A quick 2 minute walk to the bus stop, it's the perfect place to kill a little time while you wait for the bus. And according to Laury, it has the nicest bathroom in Figeac! I knew I had to make a trip to grab an image of this little neighborhood bar when it was festooned with blooming wisteria. Today was the day! Wisteria is beginning to bloom all over the Lot, and this facade is so lovely. I nipped in for a coffee after taking the photo; seemed only right to spend a bit of money in return for a pretty picture.

 And only in France can you not only get a coffee, a glass of wine, or a beer, purchase your lotto ticket and your cigarettes, have lunch and watch a little rugby, you can also buy your daily bread here as well! While I haven't attained the 'kiss-kiss-kiss- status of a regular like Laury has, the owners couldn't be nicer no matter what I buy!

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