Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Philatelist's Paradise

La Poste, (the French postal system) like many other post offices throughout the world, has discovered a great money-making idea...selling their beautiful stamps to collectors, i.e. philatelists. And the stamps are, indeed, beautiful! Here in France you can buy them at your local la Poste, but there is often a narrow window of availability, and it's easy to miss out. Laury was looking for these stamps particularly and none of our local Postes still had them. I checked out the Boutique on la Poste's website and voila! here they are. I'm not a true collector (although I do have an old stamp collection stashed away in a closet at home), but I love beautiful stamps, so 41 euros later, I've helped support the French mail system. To be honest, I did buy two sheets of these cute Paris stamps for Laury along with two sheets for me. I'll keep one and the other is destined to be a gift for my friend, Marie, who is an avid collector of French stamps.

Laury passed along a link to a David Lebovitz blog post about these French regional food stamps. As soon as I saw them, I knew I needed a set of these as well,.
These stamps come 12 to a carnet (booklet). There are three menus represented: menu du terroir, menu vegetarien, and menu de fete. Each stamp of the menu depicts a typical entree, a plat principal, a fromage or a dessert. There is also a recipe for one of the dishes shown. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these beautiful and informative stamps, but I'm mulling over an idea for little hostess gifts using them. Which means I'll have to buy another set of them...at least. I'm hooked! You?

If you're interested in buying French stamps online, you can go to the website as I did: Click here. Yes, it's in French. My homepage is Google which will translate it for me..perhaps your homepage will as well?
If that's more than you can handle, I did find a smaller selection of French stamps at a California online stamp company. Click here for that website.

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