Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bringing Water

In a land that lies along a river, it doesn't seem like farmers should need to bring water to their crops. And while spring here is rainy, once the hot months of summer arrive, rain becomes scarce Irrigating fields and crops becomes necessary. It's already begun. This field was rapeseed earlier this spring. You can catch glimpses of it in blooming yellow in this collage from an April blog post. Once that was harvested, the farmer plowed and disked his field. Yesterday he began irrigating prior to planting.
Water is pumped to the surface,
fed into the spray device,
and then broadcast over the thirsty field in great sweeping arcs of moisture. As we left class yesterday at the bibliotheque on the hill, we could see it watering the earth.
A little further down the road, the farmer lays pipe and tall spray devices to water his vegetables. I think what you see is lettuce or another type of salad green.

Isn't it strange that even in this land formed and defined by water, it's not in the right place or in the right quantity to meet our needs?

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