Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Friday Night in Montmartre

After Laury and I settled in at our hotel in Montmartre last Friday evening, we set off on foot to wander the streets. We hadn't gone far when we spied the back side of Sacre Coeur and immediately made a bee-line to it. I've never seen the back side of the church, but it's now become my favorite people! The front of the church was jam-packed with tourists enjoying the beautiful spring evening, lolling on the steps catching the view and listening to a jazz duo. We made our way to Place du Tertres which was also full of folks taking in the sights and having their portraits done by the many artists who frequent the square. We plopped ourselves down at an outside table, ordered a biere pression, and commenced to spend the next hour people-watching. As night fell, lights twinkled on all around the square and the beautiful domes of Sacre Coeur were illuminated against the dark sky
We were chatted up by one of the artists, but no matter how charming he was, we still didn't want our portraits done.We were entertained by the mime across the street. We ogled three luscious Paris policemen as they strolled around the crowds on the lookout for 'badness.' We discussed the size, shape, fashion statements and degree of sobriety of the hundreds of people milling around in the warm spring evening. We puzzled over a Keystone Cop-like chase scene that played out in front of us. A dainty young man ran by on tippy-toes chased by another young man looking very intent on doing him harm. As they rounded the corner and ran out of sight, our waiter simply shrugged his shoulders and muttered something about 'crazy.'

After paying for our very pricey beers (10 euros for a beer is expensive in my book!), we walked back to the hotel rationalizing why our evening was worth the money...
1. It's Paris!
2. It's Montmartre on a gorgeous spring evening
3. We got an hour's worth of fabulous people-watching--so entertaining.
4. We lusted after three handsome men in uniform young enough to be our sons
5. The beautifully illuminated Sacre Coeur was our table companion for the night.
6. The beers were huge and lip-smacking good.

Tomorrow I'll share some of the beauty of the back side of Sacre Coeur. If you click over to Laury's blog, Soar-Dream-France you can read her account of our evening in Montmartre.

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