Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Safe and Sound and On The Ground

As we used to say in the helicopter business, I'm 'safe and sound and on the ground' at my destination. I arrived at Red Bell Farm this morning. My delay was not caused by travel problems; my flights were smooth and uneventful. We even arrived in Chicago almost an hour early. How often does that happen? It was so good to see my friend, Karen at the airport. I rarely have the luxury of someone to pick me up when I travel, so I felt very spoiled. We had a lovely dinner at her house, split a bottle of wine and caught up on all the news before I fell into bed pretty whipped after a long day of flying. My plan was to come home, then on Tuesday morning, but my car wouldn't start, despite the fact that Karen had started it up for me just last week. Oh well, that's why I have AAA. They came, jumped it, and I drove to their shop to have the battery charged. With the delay, I had to re-schedule my appointment to have the plumbing reinstated. So, I spent last night at Karen's again and am waiting now for the guys to come turn on my water and make my toilets usable. My suitcase is unpacked, I've put a few groceries in the cupboard and checked out the premises. Except for two dead mice, all is how I left it last September. It will be good to sleep in my own bed with my very own pillow. While I have lots to share about Paris, it will have to wait until tomorrow. Back soon...

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