Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stone Stairs

I climbed back up out of the big stone-walled space and surveyed the other cleared area. On the far left you can see the vine covered top of the wall that forms the back side of that space. . Next to that is an opening...
with these stone stairs leading down to...
this small,shallow stone basin filled with crystal clear water. Despite several days of no measurable rain, there was a steady, trickling flow of fresh water into it. This space is small, maybe 4 feet square, maybe a bit larger.There are no openings in the common stone wall connecting it with the large holding area on the other side. A mystery, n'est pas? but obviously (to me anyway!) this was a place where people came to dip fresh water. And my guess is the big cistern-like space was just that...a cistern to hold water for those dry, hot summer months, using the various openings in the stone to control its outflow when rain was plentiful. There's a bit more to look at, though, so be sure to come back.

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