Sunday, May 29, 2011


No one would ever mistake me for one of those tech-geek people. I have basic, self-taught computer skills. I have basic, self-taught digital camera skills. While I'm not afraid of technology, I'm not known for embracing the latest tech-gadgets and doodads. So, imagine my surprise when I found myself in possession of not one, but two iPods! It started as I began to sort and pack my CD collection. There were definitely some I wanted to ship to France. In fact, I slipped some into the first parcel that DHL is currently shipping to Cadrieu. As I put more and more aside for shipping, I remembered how excited Travis was when he showed me his iPod and told me he had his entire collection of Beatles songs on it. "You really need one, Mom!" Well, no, I didn't then, but maybe I needed one now? I did some research on the internet and decided that maybe I could try a little, cheap one to see if I could load it with music and play it on my netbook. So, I took the plunge and bought a Shuffle...which I filled with 2 gigs of music within an afternoon! You should have heard me squealing with delight when it not only played on my netbook, but also on the CD player I'm taking to camp next month. I know, I know...everyone else in the world already knows how wonderful this technology is, but give me a break..I'm old and don't 'do' tech. Yesterday I went to the Apple store at the mall and came home with this: an iTouch with 132 gigs of memory. All the rest of my music is now safely sitting in its little insides waiting to go to camp and then France. I have music for every occasion...dinner parties, house cleaning, quiet evenings with a book, joyful, open-all-the-windows days, and stormy weather days when I want to cook all afternoon. I can put photos on it and also download movies to watch on it, on my netbook, or on a TV. When I'm within wi-fi range, I can check my email, access the internet, check the weather, and pull up maps. If I were a gamer, I could play games on it as well. I'm delighted! God forbid...there may even be an iPhone in my future!

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