Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Turn in the Road

I've been counting down the days until I leave this place. Tomorrow is the day. I go to Paris for the weekend, and then I'll fly to the States on Monday. It's been difficult...this leaving...and these feelings of each thing I do being the 'last.' The last language class. The last haircut.  The last time I'll 'bonjour' Christiane and Jean-Paul when I walk by their house. The last time I'll mow the lawn...okay, that 'last' hasn't exactly been a sad one! This morning as I walked the dogs, this curve-in-the-road sign and its pretty poppies caught my eye. In a twinkling, it hit me...this really isn't the last of anything; it's more like a curve in the road, a moving in a different direction for awhile. I'll be doing things and getting my life organized in order to come back to this place I've grown to love these past few months. So, I'm easing into the turn and gathering myself for the next adventures this road called life will bring. I'm easing into the change of direction knowing that if all goes as planned, I'll be back to this particular curve-in-the-road place next September, ready to be part of this village and the sweet life it's shared with me.


  1. Bon Voyage and thank you for the many photos and accounts of your stay. Jo Anne

  2. Safe travels to you as well, Jo Anne!