Monday, May 2, 2011

Up to the Chateau

If you look to the right side of yesterday's photo, you can see a dark area that indicates another opening. This photo shows what that place actually is...a narrow natural rock stairway up.When Laury and I wandered around here last fall, water was rushing down these rocks turning it into a small waterfall. It wasn't possible to climb up it at all then, but it's dry now. Up I went wondering if I would possibly end up inside the Chateau walls. I should have known better. These old Templar strongholds were built to keep out better and more determined explorers than me; there is no easy access to the grounds. After climbing and pulling many sticker-y vines and brambles out of the way, I finally saw daylight. Looking straight up, I saw...

the Chateau towering more than 3 stories above me!
The big gates above open into the courtyard of the Chateau. During wet times where I'm standing becomes a rushing stream, but the bridge allows access to the Chateau.
Making my way very slowly because of the thick undergrowth full of wild raspberry vines and wild roses (all full of thorns...I have the scratches and puncture wounds to prove it!), I explored around the walls of the old castel.I spied this opening in the wall. Was I tall enough to see inside??

I eneded up at eye level with the opening, but it was so dark, I really couldn't see anything. So, I stuck my camera in, opened the flash and snapped. I could tell I was near the top of a stone room. The rolled up chicken wire indicated that at one time, someone had screened off the opening. No bars, though, so I don't think this was the dungeon.
But how about this barred window further along the walls...could this be the dungeon? We'll never know; I wasn't tall enough to see in!

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