Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ally, Where Are You?

This week of pre-camp has been incredibly busy. We've had first aid/CPR/AED training.All the departments have met to write their curriculum for their classes. There have been numerous staff meetings and ice breaker games and activities. I've been checking staff in and completing paperwork for both staff and campers. Our 'Accountability' leader has discussed and reviewed all the emergency camp processes and procedures. This morning we drilled the procedure for a 'Lost Camper' scenario. At three blasts of the air horn, everyone in camp jumped into action. Each zone of camp was searched. I'm responsbible for the Health Center and the grassy ampitheatre where the campers play soccer and meet for raising the lowering the flag. Ally was our lost camper. All through the woods you could hear voices calling...Ally, where are you? The goal is to find the camper without frightening her or making her think she's in trouble. Worst case scenario, of course, could happen at the waterfront where all the life guards and water staff put into action an organized search plan. Each area of the waterfront is covered by girls (and a handful of boys who work at camp) swimming, diving and searching as their leader calls out the rhythm. "Everyone up? three strokes forward, dive!" "Everyone up? one step back, stop, three strokes forward, dive!" They continue, passing the team coming from the opposite direction until they come to the end of their area. Then they turn and begin the drill back again. Two spotters stand on the dock watching the searchers, taking head counts and assuring that exhausted searchers come out of the water and are replaced by fresh swimmers. It was amazingly well organized. After searching my designated area, I also report to the waterfront with my emergency equipment to stand by...just in case. This was a highly successful drill. And yes, Ally was found!

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  1. Wow. So neat to see what goes on behind the scenes. I sure hope you don't have any real situations like that this summer. It made me shiver thinking of a child being in the water.