Thursday, June 30, 2011

Boys In Camp

At lunch yesterday, the girls from the Pioneer Unit (13,14 &15 year olds) were instructed to stay after dismissal for a brief meeting. The rest of us listened from the porch because we knew what this meeting was all about. As Ally announced that at 2:30pm boys from a neighboring boys camp would arrive for a camp 'social,' a mighty cheer arose from the teenage girls! They couldn't have been more excited. After a quick soap dip,* they spent the next hour primping and waiting for the three van loads of guys to show up. The counselors had several activities planned and quickly divided the group up. Some put on swim suits and went tubing; some came here to the grassy ampitheatre for a rousing game of one-base kick ball and a human knot competition. No awkward moments...boys and girls quickly beame friends and competitors with lots of chatter, cheering and laughter.
After a burger cookout, the teens danced to iPod tunes in the Rec. Hall. Every girl I talked to said they had a great time and made new friends.

The little campers were really funny. They were shocked to see boys in camp. "What are boys doing here?" several asked me. "Well, you see, when girls get older they like to talk to boys," I explained.They thought that was pretty icky and gross. Just wait a few years!


  1. How fun ... it reminds me of a summer camp movie! I love it.

  2. I had not realized this was an all girl camp. Nice to arrange a "visit" from the boys.