Thursday, June 2, 2011


This is George Cole-Duvall. I'm taking a break in  blogging about my life to share a bit of George's with you. George is the son of Rev. Canon Milton Cole-Duvall and Rev. Canon Mary Cole-Duvall. Mary is the priest at my church, St. Timothy's Episcopal Church in West Des Moines, IA. George graduated from high school a few weeks ago and is currently spending his first year of college studying abroad. That in itself is remarkable; freshmen don't normally spend their first year doing that. The fact that George is doing this year abroad in southern Sudan is even more remarkable. A political science major, George and his family thought living in southern Sudan to be witness and participant in the building of the world's newest nation would be a unique experience. Our church has a connection there with Bishop Samuel Peni, who spent time studying in Iowa and became well-known to our parish. So, George is now half-way around the world living an adventure that some of us only dream of. He's teaching, he's mentoring and he's learning how nations are formed. I'll let him tell you the story himself. Click here to read about it at "My Southern Sudan Journey," George's blog. Be sure to read the entry entitled "The Son of Iowa." It's one of my favorites.
"Iowa and Son of Iowa"

Please remember George in your thoughts and prayers. As a mom, I can tell you that having your son go away for college is a trauma; to have your son half-way around the world has to be an even bigger emotional event for Mary and Milton, and George's sisters, Mary Scout and Leah!  Please remember them as well.

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