Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Little House on the Train Tracks

I've just received confirmation from my friends, Josie and Patrick that I will be able to rent their little house on the train tracks when I return to France in September. I'm very excited! As you can see, it's right above the river. And it's only two houses down the tracks from chez Laury. While you can't see its big neighbor, the Chateau which is perched high on the cliff to the left, the house sits right in its shadow.There are many of these little houses that were built everywhere the train tracks cross a road. I'll blog more about them when I return to France and can show you other photos. This petite maison has two bedrooms upstairs, one bathroom, a very updated kitchen and comes with some basic furniture. Oh, and just so you know...the train doesn't run anymore; the tracks are abandoned and quiet.

I leave tomorrow for my summer job in northern Wisconsin. There will be a break in blogging until I can get settled and figure out my internet access. When I return, I'll share my adventures at Red Pine Camp with you. A bientot!

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  1. I'm stopping in to do some major catching up on your blog. Good luck in Wisconsin - wow! And how exciting to see details coming together for the next trip to France.