Saturday, July 30, 2011

Air Band

I stood in line behind these crazy legs waiting to get into the Rec. Hall last evening. Everyone was so excited because the night's evening program was 'Air Band', the favorite of the entire camp. Evening program runs the gamut from rough-and-tumble games like 'Capture the Flag' to more quiet movie nights and the summer talent show. But everyone waits and plans for 'Air Band' night. Each cabin puts together a lip-sync routine, dance or skit to music. Believe it or not, they actually used music I recognized! Well, some of it anyway. The older girls, having been here past summers, come to camp prepared with things to make crazy outfits with like these wild knee socks and colorful tights. The younger girls will come better prepared next summer. Everyone had so much fun and camp continued to ring with the sounds of squeals, laughter, singing and screaming well after flag lowering.
The guys in this video are Tom from maintenance and Alex who is from Russia and works in the kitchen. I can only imagine what tales he may be taking back to Russia after this experience in American pop culture!

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  1. .looks you have been having a great time with all the activities!