Saturday, July 2, 2011

Buddy Board

How do you keep track of dozens of girls swimming at the waterfront? By using the Buddy Board. At the beginning of camp, each camper is assigned a Buddy number. A metal tag with her number and her name written on tape, stuck to the back hangs on the Buddy Board. The girls file into the waterfront one by one, each taking her Buddy number and moving to a hook at the bottom of the board. The hooks are arranged by skill level. Counselors can tell at a glance how many girls are in the water and if they inspect each tag, they know who is swimming. When the campers leave the water, they again file out one by one and are required to move their Buddy tag up to the top. Again, counselors can quickly see if everyone is out of the water. If there is a tag left below, the lifeguards quickly begin to scan and search the water. Another use for the Buddy number....when it's time to open the candy store, a number is drawn out of a hat. The girl whose Buddy number matches that one gets to be first in line!

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