Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Camp That Built Me

One of the end of the session traditions at camp is Banquet. The Leadership girls (oldest campers who want to come back as counselors-in-training) do all the planning and decorating for a formal dinner attended by all campers and staff. The theme they chose is "The Camp That Built Me." This camp experience is so important to these girls. They learn so much about themselves and about living with others. Life-time friendships are formed and skills are perfected that will help them all their lives. It was so much fun to see everyone dressed up with hair curled and make-up on. As an explanation, the man you see in this photo is Tom, one of the maintenance guys. He also teaches fishing to campers
Counselors sing special songs to the campers...
Special awards are given. For campers/counselors who have spent a total of 32 weeks at Red Pine, a blanket is awarded.
This is Christy receiving her blanket from her older sister, Ally, her younger sister, Juliana, and her best friend, Annie. They read a long poem that they wrote for her telling how much fun they've had being campers and sisters together, how much they appreciate all her wonderful qualities and how much they love her. I don't think there was a dry eye in the crowd. What a wonderful experience to be publically affirmed by those who love you most!
Red Pine girls who have been at camp 10 years receive a special wooden pine tree plaque inscribed with a poem. The Leadership girls did a fabulous job putting together a memorable night for all of us.

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