Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Plan

Here's the plan...I'l return to France the end of September. I will live here in Cadrieu. The Little Train House that I've arranged to rent is right up the road from Laury' can barely see it on the far right of this Google photo. It sits right below the big white building which is the Chateau. My visa allows me to stay indefinitely in France with yearly renewal. Since I haven't sold my acreage in Iowa, I will close it up for the winter again and put it on the market again come spring. I'll return to the States when it sells and spend time with family. Depending on the timing of everything next year, I may work at camp again. As I can't work legally in France, it would be really nice to earn a bit of money to keep my dream going! As I gather more information about an address and phone number, I will share. I'll always be reachable, tho, thru my email. And I'll continue to melange magic here in the Lot at Melanged Magic. I've added a place right under my profile where you can sign up to subscribe to my blog and receive it by email each time I post an entry. Don't miss a minute of the Magic! Sign up today!


  1. Hello Evelyn .. How very very exciting .. I love the little train house .. I used to pass it every day when out walking .. and how brilliant to be near Laury too. I think it is a fantastic story.