Friday, August 5, 2011


This is Scout, Connie's constant companion and official camp dog. Red Pine Camp has always been dog-friendly. The previous owners had two labs that lived in camp. You can always tell where Connie is...if you see Scout, you know she's close by. Scout was a rescue dog from a northern Minnesota Indian reservation. As a half-grown puppy, he was running with a pack of wild dogs and was going to be destroyed. Some time in his short past, he'd sustained a broken hind leg that never healed properly. A vet friend of Connie's called her and said 'if you want this dog, you better come now because they're going to kill him tomorrow.'

She made the trip, and Scout has been hers ever since. He walks a little funny, but otherwise runs all over camp following Connie on her rounds. The campers love him. He really does live a great dog's life...good food, good owner, freedom to run all over this beautiful place, and lots of little girls to scratch his ears and love on him!

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