Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I've been thinking about spider webs and cobwebs a lot the past few days. Not these pretty webs that I photographed in France, but rather the annoying ones that seem to lurk in every corner and under every surface in my house. One of the things that I'm doing in preparation for closing up Red Bell Farm for the winter is a thorough cleaning. It's really not all that dirty in the house...after all I've hardly been here the past year...but there are cobwebs and spider webs everywhere. Guess it's something about living in the country. So, my chore today is to eliminate as many of them as I can find. Curious about how these pesky things came to be named cobwebs, I Googled the answer. 'Coppe' is an old Middle English word that meant spider and gradually slurred over the years into cob. That mystery solved, now it's time to get rid of every one I can find!

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