Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's hard to believe that I've been here over a week and haven't taken a single photo! Not that there haven't been photo-worthy moments. I'm just really focused on getting settled into my new home. I've been into Figeac twice, gone to language class (English class for French friends that Greg teaches every week up at the library, attended French class at Christiane's, and had dinner up at Jean's house. In between, I've arranged and re-arranged furniture, reorganized my kitchen at least twice, found places for all my clothes, and gotten most of the framed photos that I shipped here last summer hung where I think they're going to stay. You know how it kind of have to live with things for awhile to see how you like them. I've sent and received back another photo printed on canvas that I'll hang over my couch with the two I left here for Laury's vernissage. Once they're up, I'll certainly put a photo of them on the blog. Lucie has settled in nicely, and we're walking twice every day.

Yesterday, Jean took Laury and I into Figeac and I bought a washing machine, a microwave and an iron. I'm a happy camper! And once my washer arrives next week, I'll be a happy camper in clean clothes. Once France Telecom activates my phone/internet line, I'll be connected to the world and blogging will be much easier. Maybe by then, I'll have some current photos to share!

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  1. Very glad you have arrived safely and getting settled once again.