Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Laury's Barn

When I stand at the wall of windows in my dining room, this is what I see....Laury's barn. We laugh that I actually have a better view of it from my house than she does from hers! It's so pretty, and she's done so much work to get it looking like this. If you're interested in how she's restoring it, you can click here and read her blog accounts of this 'barn of her heart'. On the far right, you can just barely see the roof of the lavoir. It rained a little this morning, so there is some water flowing thru it today. Not enough, though, for me to be able to tell if I can hear it when it rushes like I could from Laury's house. I hope I can; I loved that sound! Below is a 'before' photo of the barn that I took on my first visit to Cadrieu in 2009...


  1. Evelyn

    What a lovely view - did you have to pay extra for that?

    All the best


    P.S. If I was Laury and lived somewhere as nice as Cadrieu I don't think I'd be off to the USA for all the tea in China!

  2. I love Laury's barn, I have some fantastic photos too , and I remember the view that you can see. I would just like to say congratulations to you on making the lleap ... they are all wonderful people in Cadrieu .

  3. Thanks, Anne! I'm feeling very at home and welcomed here in Cadrieu. It's a great little village.

    And Keith....I agree with you that this is a place that's really hard to leave..it's beautiful1