Thursday, October 20, 2011

PN 434

While I still don't have my own phone/internet connection, I decided I better use Laury's wireless to blog before my friends and family fear I have fallen off the edge of the earth! Everything is good here....just no internet yet. I'm sure you're curious about my little French train house. Well, here it is...PN 434. PN stands for passage a niveau and each railroad house along the train line is numbered PN ___. I live in PN 434. Passage a niveau means 'level crossing' in French, hence the house is located where the tracks make a level crossing over a road. Here at my house the tracks cross Les Hortes just outside my back door. I'm almost disappointed that the trains no longer run. How fun it would be to see one chugging by my gate! This house has been renovated with the back terrace being enclosed. It now houses a dining room table that can seat 12 and a huge china hutch.

These windows open onto my kitchen and my living room...

This is the front of the house that faces the river. The second floor windows open to my bedroom where I have a wonderful view of both the river and the village of Saujac on the other side of it. You can also see part of the dining room windows on the left. Look up! See my big neighbor? That's the Chateau looming large above me. I'll share more photos of the inside soon.

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