Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Surprise!

Had I known the true nature of the invitation to Jane and Yves' house for lunch on Friday, I would have definitely taken along my camera. As it was, I had no idea of the surprise in store for me and left my camera sitting on the kitchen table. (The first rule of being a photographer is to ALWAYS take your camera...duh!) So, you'll have to be content with last spring's photo of Jane and Yves taken when Laury and I visited them. In honor of American Thanksgiving, Jane put together a yummy traditional Thanksgiving lunch for Jean and I! Our meal started with Jane's signature garlic soup and was followed by roast turkey breast and legs, a potato-cauliflower gratin, roasted sweet potatoes, English bread gravy, regular gravy and a jar of cranberry sauce contributed by Jean. In typical French fashion, the next course was cheese and bread. Jane baked a real pumpkin pie for dessert...real as in not made with canned pumpkin, but with real pumpkin that she cooked and blended for the filling. Wine, a warm fire, good conversation and good friends made the afternoon complete. I couldn't have asked for a better Thanksgiving in France! And true to my goal of 'melanged magic'....our meal was truly a melange of French, English, and American foods and traditions.

I did confess to Jane and Jean, tho, that I felt a trifle guilty celebrating our American holiday with them. After all, those thankful English pilgrims eventually became those contrary American revolutionists just a few generations later putting an end to England's rule of her colonies. Oh well...there were no hard feelings evident at lunch!

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