Sunday, December 4, 2011

How Do You Move a Christmas Tree?

It's been a really busy week. Laury arrived home from the States late Tuesday evening and the rest of the week has been filled  running errands with her to Figeac, Cajarc and Villefranche, an apero party, a dinner party and then last night, the annual Telethon. In between all these things, packing for her work assignment that begins Monday, closing down her house for two months, and catching up with Dali and Sam cuddles, Laury somehow found time to decorate the living Christmas tree that she bought prior to leaving for the States. She wanted just a little Cadrieu Christmas before she leaves as she'll be spending the holidays working in Holland. So...since she's turning off  the utilities at the Chatette, she decided it would be easier for me to water her tree if it spent the next two months at my house. This morning in a drizzly rain, we made the transfer. Gathering gloves, the wheelbarrow, a big plastic bag and her trusted side-kick (me), Laury began by carefully lifting the decorated tree down her stone steps...
Next she put it up into the wheelbarrow...
and covered it with a big plastic bag to protect the ornaments and keep them on the tree for its ride to my house.
While Laury balanced the tree, I pushed the wheelbarrow down the street and 'round the corner to my back gate. I can just hear the villagers wondering 'what are those crazy American women doing now??'
Voila! Here it is in my house lending a very festive air for tonight's dinner party to say good-bye to Laury!
How do you move a Christmas tree? Very carefully and with a lot of love!

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