Monday, December 12, 2011


Saujac is the village I can see across the river from my east facing windows. I can hear its farmers and see them working in their fields along the river. I can see cars slowly moving up and down its tiny rues. At night its illuminated church steeple anchors a few house lights. And it was my first stop yesterday afternoon as I began my explorations 'juste en face.'
Saujac's flowered lavoir sits right on the road into the village.

Typical village houses in the Quercynois style.
Here's the church steeple I can see at night from my window and whose bell tolls the hour and half hour every day.
This faded monkey and his monk adorn a wall of the very dilapitated and long-closed Epicerie Buvette next to the church. You may ask what monkeys have to do with this tiny village deep in the heart of France. Ah...that's a story for another day!

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