Friday, December 30, 2011

What I Did For My Birthday

"It's just not fair having a birthday half-way between Christmas and New Year's!" Can you see me stamping my little 8-year-old foot as I say that? I certainly didn't think it was fair to have a birthday then when I was a child. It wasn't fair that I never got to take cupcakes to school to celebrate my birthday, because it always happened when we were on Christmas break. It certainly wasn't fair that most people thought it was okay to give me only one present...'for your birthday and Christmas!' Of course, as I got older, things seemed not quite so bad, but having a birthday on December 28th still means that I don't often celebrate it. Most everyone is totally 'celebrated out' after days...weeks...of Christmas parties at school, at work, at church, with the neighbors, etc. This week between holidays is the time to rest and gear up for another round of celebrating New Year's Eve, New Year's day, football bowl games, etc.

This year, however, I decided to host my own tiny celebration. I invited friends in for coffee, mimosas and sweet treats. They didn't know it was my birthday until we raised our first toast when I thanked them all for coming and helping me celebrate this day.since. This was probably my most international birthday ever as my guests hailed from England, Poland and Holland! We ate, drank and visited for a good long time, and I felt very fortunate to share this birthday with such a nice group of friends. Life suddenly feels like it's a whole lot more fair!

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  1. I'm catching up on posts ... what a sweet celebration! It looked wonderful.