Sunday, January 22, 2012


Camboulan is a tiny commune 2 kilometers from Ambeyrac. It's governed by the Ambeyrac Mairie. Its last official census was in 1800; there were 290 souls living here then. I can tell you that there are far fewer here today! As in every French village I've visited, this one has its own church and its commemorative plaque honoring its enfants morts pour la France.  When I drove through the village, I saw a total of two people and one dog wandering the main rue. There are no business establishments nor is there a school. If Belgian refugees settled in this village, they must have been taken in by relatives or perhaps were hired to work on some of the outlying farms. Otherwise there would have been no way for them to support themselves. With the severe shortage of gas during the war, there also would not have been transportation for them to get to other, bigger villages for work. Again with no concrete information, this is pure speculation. I continue to search...

Small as it is, this village has a chateau....Chateau de Camboulan. I've provided you a link to their website. Click on the drawing at the bottom of the page that appears, and you will go to the website with additional photos. It's in French, sorry!
I think I may plan an overnight here at some point. Maybe the proprietor knows some of the local history?

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  1. I love those kinds of small villages, although it's sad that most of them are dying. My dad is from a village just like this one.

    One little technicality though. If it's governed by Ambeyrac mairie it is not a commune then. Communes and Mairies are the same thing (the mairie is the building, the commune is the territory).