Monday, January 16, 2012

Croix des Belges

There are so many tantilizing tidbits of history around here. This spot is up on the causse directly across from my house. It's the Croix des Belges, a cross erected to honor Belgians who fled here as Belgium was invaded by the Nazis. At least that's what I think it commemorates! I've been told stories about Belgian prisoners of war being executed here. There's a mysterious plaque on the side of a village church honoring Belgians who settled there during WWII. After searching the internet and asking local folks, I'm still not sure about the story. And being insatiably curious, I want to know that story! Who were these Belgians? Why were they here? Nazi troops did occupy Figeac during the war...did they have prisoners that they executed here? One of my French friends asked me 'Why do you want to know these stories?' Like I said.... I'm just curious, and I like to know about how people connect to one another. Stories connect us. I've got a lead on answers to my questions. If I get more information, I'll post it here!

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  1. I also love how stories connect! I have been doing some family research and have learn some of ancestors came from France family name Rugh. If I learn more I may have to have you let me know if you see any of my stories connect.