Friday, January 27, 2012

Crotte de chien**

After enjoying a lovely lunch at le President this week, my friends and I wandered through medieval Cajarc. We were surprised to see this new development tucked away in a corner of an alley way. Someone has installed an area for dog pooping! If you've ever visited Paris or read much about that beautiful city, you know that dog poop is a big issue there. More people are beginning to be responsible about cleaning up after their dogs, but you still have to watch where you walk. In the medieval sections of old villages, it's a problem as well. Hardly any of the old stone houses here have yards; there are no doggie parks in town, so where do you take your dog? Someone has provided an answer.
As we wandered a little further, we saw this sign posted in someone's tiny flower bed. Essentially it says 'dog pooping is forbidden here under penalty of a fine.'
I think this guy sitting up in the window sill above the flowers may have had something to do with the 'interdiction.'

**crotte de chien=dog droppings

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  1. The streets of our village are paved with the stuff, too, despite the existence of a plastic bag dispenser for disposing of the offending items. Maybe I'll suggest they set up a special doggie-loo area.