Monday, January 2, 2012


Have you broken your first New Year's resolution yet? Yeah, thought so! I gave up making resolutions years ago in favor of making birthday goals instead. I usually ended up not reaching those either! A couple of years ago I was challenged by a blog that I read regularly (Abbey of the Arts) to pick a word that resonates for me and that will define the upcoming year. I decided to try this instead of making promises that were so hard to keep. My 2010 word was Pilgrim; in 2011 it was Conviviality.This year's winner: Explore! Kind of a no-brainer since I'm already itching to get out and poke around the French countryside here in the Lot. But Explore can cover a myriad of topics, not just travel. I intend to Explore food and wine, the arts, history, spirituality, personal relationships, business ideas, and music to name just a few. One thing I like about the word Explore is that it gives me permission to just try things...I don't have to become an expert or even like what I'm doing, I just have to be open and give it a go, as my Brit friends would say. I'm adding Explore to my list of topics for this blog in order to track my progress. The best explorers, you know, always document their discoveries.You might wonder what this photo of my house (it's the little one, in case you wondered) and the Lot have to do with exploring. This is the starting point and this is where we're going....
There's a whole big world out there waiting to be explored!


  1. Very nice publication Evelyn, love it. Did you notice (of course you did)that your house is the only one in the sunshine? I am sure it is a sign. See you soon. Ankie

  2. Happy (belated) Birthday Evelyn! And I hope 2012 brings you lots of happy moments, exploring the Lot(and France)!

  3. The perfect word for this year of your life!