Thursday, January 12, 2012


"Leche-vitrines" is a great French phrase that translates literally into 'licking windows.' But what it really means is 'window shopping.' I've seen a few store windows that truly made me want to lick them! Chocolate shops in Paris, for example or fancy patisseries like Lauduree. This window in Cajarc never fails to catch my eye. I always park near it even when I'm going to market on the other side of Cajarc. I love to walk by and 'lick' the window. I have no idea what's behind the colorful window whose display changes routinely. It looks like a shop window, yet there is no shop. It's definitely not someone's home. If it's a studio or atelier, there's no indication of that either. All I know is the window is always fanciful and fun, full of bright colors and interesting objects. I took these photos in December when the window's theme was puppets. It absolutely delighted the child in me! I think this guy looks like Napoleon, don't you?

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