Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Little Flower

There's been a saint living with us since early December...Saint Therese, the Little Flower of Jesus. She actually belongs to Laury and was her Christmas gift from her folks. Because Laury's in Holland, Saint Therese was delivered here. Laury told me open her box and set her out...who wants to keep a saint hidden away? So she's been sitting on my kitchen trolley watching over my santons for the holidays. She'll stay there until Laury returns in February. Laury calls her 'Merci Lady' because she always lights a candle to her when she visits one of the many churches around us. St. Therese is in all of them; she co-shares the Patron Saint of France honors with St. Joan of Arc. You can even light a votive candle with her image on it. Both Laury and I have been known to pay our 2 euros for the candle and then slip it in our pocket to bring home. That way we can say 'thank you' without going to church. St. Therese is very beautiful, and you always see her holding flowers. Her faith was simple: She felt she was a little person doing little acts of love, living a simple, Christ-filled life. It's a pleasure having her as a house guest!

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