Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Little Bit of Ambeyrac

While I search for more information about the Belgian refugees honored in this village and in Camboulan, I thought you might like to see what each village looks like. I took this photo in December. The big tree in front of the Ambeyrac Mairie was all decked out for Christmas. The Mairie was built in 1895, but parts of the church (the nave and the choir) right next door date from the 12th century. The lateral chapels were added in the 15th century with various renovations taking place over the years following. Mention of a church in Ambeyrac, however, was made by Pepin I of Aquitaine in correspondence dated August 23, 838. We're talking really old!  In 1878, the church cemetery which was situated between the church and where the Mairie is now was moved to accommodate a road. I think moving a cemetery would be extremely difficult and not much fun!

This is the most recent addition to the church. Dated 1998 it commemorates those villagers who died during WWII...their names are across the bottom. If you look closely, you'll see that the stained glass window depicts fallen soldiers on a battlefield...a rather unusual  theme for a church window.

All the villages that sit below the causse have to have some way to deal with water running off the top and down to the river. Here in Ambeyrac there are little rock aqueducts that channel the water through the village safely to the river. You frequently see water collecting structures like this one in French villages.Village women would come here to collect water for drinking, cooking and washing. If the village had a lavoir, clothes would be washed there. Each time I've been to Ambeyrac water has been running. The sound of it splashing, trickling, and rushing is better than music!
I leave you with some cheery blue shutters as I leave Ambeyrac. Next stop: Camboulan.

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