Sunday, February 26, 2012


Cassoulet is a quintessential French dish. There are probably as many 'authentic' cassoulet recipes as there are French cooks! Everyone thinks theirs is the best, most authentic, etc. I found my recipe over at Life on La Lune. (You can click on the title to find the blog post with the recipe) While Vanessa admits her recipe is 'faux' cassoulet and one that wouldn't find favor with French cooks, I think it's perfect; it's easy, yummy good and made with ingredients I have on hand most of the time. However, before you try to replicate it, be aware that in my opinion, the secret to its yumminess is this: haricots lingots cooked in goose fat. The goose fat adds a depth of flavor, richness and texture that plain ol'  butter beans won't, I'm afraid. Where has goose fat been all my life? It's an incredible flavor enhancer. I'm so glad the French aren't so obsessed with their cholesterol that they've eliminated such lush ingredients as this...and duck fat...and butter...and cream from their diet!

I invited Laury down to be my culinary guinea pig and critique the cassoulet. We enjoyed a lovely light dinner of cassoulet, salad with my raspberry dijon vinigarette, fresh baguette and a nice Bergerac. She rated the dish with four and a half stars. Not five stars, so as to give me room to experiment and make it even better. And she recommended that I serve it to our French friends in the village. Are you kidding me?...I'm not that brave!


  1. I'm so glad you tried it and thanks for the link. Let me know the results of your experimenting. Whatever you do, don't serve it to the locals. Or if you do pretend it's a classic American dish!

  2. I wish we could find canned beans cooked in goose fat! That's one of the things I love about France -- great convenience foods. Like frozen all-butter puff pastry and tart shells. But my French friends marvel at our boxes of unsalted chicken and vegetable stock in supermarkets here, too.