Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still Cold in the Lot

It's still cold in France. Temperatures have not risen above freezing all week. Jean's water is off because she has a frozen valve; Laury returned from her work assignment to frozen pipes in the Chatette. Every afternoon about 4pm the 'bucket brigade' arrives at my house, and I supply coffee and washing up water to both Laury and Jean. Not having water is not much fun! I looked at the weather forecast just now and don't see much improvement for the next few days. Temps may rise barely above freezing, during the day but will then plunge into negative numbers at night. Not the best weather for thawing pipes!


  1. Hi Evelyn, I hope you're keeping warm. I wish I could send you some warmth from Oz! I've only recently stumbled across your blog and am enthralled with your journey. Thank you for sharing it. In researching France and all of it's regions I've somehow been drawn to the Lot and am currently planning a trip. Your blog (and others) are giving me so much information.. and inspiration! I don't think you'll see me in winter though.. good luck with your pipes, it sounds blimin awful if you ask me!!! hope it improves soon.

    1. I love it here in the Lot! It's not as glamorous as Provence, but is still unspoiled by industry or lots of development. It has beautiful medieval villages and lots of outdoor activities if you're into hiking, water sports, etc. You should definitley give it a visit.