Friday, March 30, 2012

Along the River's Edge

It's been so pretty the past several days. I try to not miss any opportunity to get out into the beautiful spring weather. One day this week I took Lucie with me when I made a trip to the grocery store in Cajarc. With my purchases safely stowed in the back of my car, the two of us took a stroll along the river's edge. We started here.
We walked along the pedestrian path on the suspension bridge across the Lot

and had a great view of my favorite house on the Salvagnac-Cajarc side.
Trees were flowering, grass was growing, and the afternoon was  clear and warm. I decided to search for a small chapel that Laury told me about, so Lucie and I returned to 'our' side of the river. I'll share what I found in my next post.


  1. What a charming walk you two had. I wish I could have tagged along with you. With my camera of course!

  2. Lovely walk and I look forward to seeing more about the chapel. Cajarc is a nice place to wander around - I was there for the saffron fair in October. The first time I'd been in years. I wondered then why I hadn't been for so long.