Thursday, March 29, 2012

Desk in the Sunroom

I've wanted a desk in my sunroom since I moved in last fall. I tried something over the winter, but it really didn't work so well. And since it was really cold, I let it go. I thought about buying something at BUT; that was a bit of a misadventure that didn't quite work out. I finally came up with a solution! You can see it journal is open and ready; in fact I journalled about watching the sunrise over the causse this morning. While I was sitting here, I saw a lone duck v'ing his way across the river and spied the widening circles of some newly-hatched insects touching the surface of the water. With the window open, I can hear the church bells across the river toll each hour and half hour. I can hear the river lapping gently against its banks.I can watch as the trees green up right before my eyes. It's great!

'Wait a minute'...I  hear you say, 'that looks a lot like an ironing board cover...'

And you would be right. My new desk is actually my ironing board! After I gave up buying something to fit into this high, skinny space, I decided to put my ironing board there. I might as well have a nice view while I iron, I reasoned. voila! it hit me. With a few books and cushions piled on a dining room chair, this could work very well as a desk. I don't need a lot of room, just a place to write and put my laptop. I tried it out; it works. One of the first books I used to get the right height, though, was my French verb text. Not sure if I thought I could absorb its contents through my butt or what! I exchanged it for something else, since I think I really need to read it if I ever want to learn those dratted conjugations! There are a couple of negatives to this arrangement. It's really too bright in the mornings to easily see my computer. And at certain times of the day, the traffic noise is bothersome.. cars zip past right under my window while bus and truck drivers and I are eye-to-eye. I think the positives, though, far outweigh the negatives. Just look at my view and see if you don't agree...

It's definitely inspiring!


  1. Fantastic view and a great idea to use your ironing board as a desk! That would never have occurred to me - I regard it as an instrument of torture!

  2. It really does work well. I've been journaling here every morning. I do need to find the right height stool or chair, tho. Perching on pillows is a bit precarious!

  3. I use my ironing board for all kinds of things, but usually chores. Hadn't thought of it as a desk!