Saturday, March 31, 2012

Garden Gates

This little rue along the river serves as access for villagers who own tiny plots of land here that they use for their potagers, vegetable and kitchen gardens. Each garden is different. Each has its own unique flavor...a dilapidated garden shed, a leaning trellis for a vine, scattered garden tools waiting for more settled temperatures. A few have been cultivated; a few have piles of manure on standby. But none have been planted just yet, so there are no beautiful flowers or emerging plants to show you. Each garden, though, has a gate that intrigues....
I think this pale green gate was my favorite. It looked so pretty against the dark green ivy.
Even though it's not a garden gate, this small window cried out to have its picture taken.
Lucie and I did finally find the chapel we were looking for. I'll share it with you next.


  1. I recognize one of those garden gates and the tiny window with the net on it at the end...I believe it used to be a pinkish color if it's the one I'm thinking of. Love the photos-your little green one with the ivy tugged at my heart! Happy Saturday!

  2. Great photos - I also love the green one. The range of gates around here is astounding from very simply to wonderfully elaborate. You wouldn't think they would find the time to make them.

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