Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch

On Friday, Laury and I took a road trip to have lunch with a fellow American who has made her home here in the Lot. Laury met Clare through her blog. They share a common interest in old stone barns. Laury has dreams of restoring hers, while Clare has just completed a renovation, turning her barn into a beautiful living space. Clare drove here a week ago to meet Laury in person and take a peek at Laury's barn. As the gods of coincidence would have it, I had actually met Clare months ago! We shared a brief conversation at the Immigration Office in Toulouse while we were both there completing our visa paperwork and obtaining our residence permits. It's funny how Americans seem to attract each other like magnets!
We shared a lovely lunch on the sun-lit terrace with good wine and good conversaton. Not too much of the grape for me, though, since I was the designated driver. Clare has done a very nice job with her barn conversion and hopes to rent it out during the summer months when she returns to the States. Located at the edge of Degagnac about an hour and a half northwest of Cadrieu, it's in a part of the Lot that neither Laury nor I had visited. It's very hilly and wooded with lots of chateaux in the area.
We told Clare to give us a call if she gets the urge to speak American! I'm always up for a road trip and exploring new country.


  1. You are going to laugh...great minds-It amazes me how we are so good at sharing an experience but still zero in on very differnt pieces! Incroyable!

  2. Coincidences abound, it seems. I am always coming across people I met in circumstances where I thought I would never see them again. Sounds like a very civilised lunch.