Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Off With the Old...

There's been a bit of excitement in the neighborhood the past ten days. The neighborhood being my house, Laury's house and the vacant house in between us. That vacant house is getting a new roof. It's an old Quercy style stone house with a sloping, pointed roof that looks a bit like a witch's hat. Watching the crew of 3-4 men remove tiles has been quite entertaining. They have a very organized system. First, they built the scaffolding to put them at the right level to work. Then they manvevered a big tractor with a bucket lift on it to haul off the old tiles, to move pallets of new tiles to a staging area, and then to lift the pallets of new tiles up to roof level. Even with the big equipment, it's very labor intensive work. Here you see them removing the old tiles, each one being handed to the man who stacks them on the lift.

Half of the roof tiles have been removed. The old horizontal supports were replaced with new lumber, but the vertical supports were not.
Here are some of the pallets of used tiles stacked along the railroad tracks. I wonder if they recycle them?
The old has been removed and the new is being applied. Check back to see the progress!


  1. Just found your blog via FB! Nice to see your photos.

  2. It's good to see an old place getting a new lease of life. We've just had some repairs done on our roof and were incredibly lucky with the weather. Now we feel it's secure for a few more years.